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Saffron is a perennial plant which grows in southwestern Asia, southern Spain and southern Europe. This plant usually grows in autumn and is found in sizes of 25 to 30mm, which gives a special effect to agricultural lands and plains in autumn. It has a stem and six purple petals and 3 strands of red stigmas. The part used by the saffron plant is its orange stigma, the color of its flowers. Saffron stigma contains fat, minerals and mucilage. Propagation of saffron exclusively by the underground corm of coriander is common. The color of saffron is related to the presence of a substance called crocin.

The nature of saffron is hot and dry and it is mostly used in various forms such as saffron powder and other types to prepare soups and hot drinks.

Saffron is a valuable food that is obtained from a small amount of saffron plant. In fact, out of every 100,000 to 200,000 saffron plants, about 5 kg of saffron flowers are obtained, and the weight of 5 kg of fresh saffron reaches one kilogram after drying.

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